Prestwood Hall

This Magnificent Mansion hall known as Prestwood Hall was located just off the A499 at Prestwood between Kinver &  Wallheath & was owned by the Foley Family until 1919.   It was demolished in approx 1923 after a fire broke out during alterations.

A new hospital building was built on the site of the former Hall. 

The hospital would continue its services into the 1980’s until local authority cutbacks would see the closure of most of the grounds , Over the decades the hospital was seen as a restful place for the elderly and infirm known to locals as excellent hospital they were privileged to have within the local community.


Following the changes made in the 1980’s some areas were kept operational for the elderly and infirm and continues to run today The Coachouse  ( a a mere shadow of its former mansion hall ) as it is now known offers care to those unable to continue life within their own home surroundings.



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