About KPP

Kinver Past & Present was formed in 2012 as an on line social group that still runs today and is now fully integrated into this website.

Gaining popularity that spread through not just Kinver & beyond, It went as far as gaining members from all over the world even as far as the USA & Australia bringing together those far afield that still held connections within Kinver.

Originally it was envisaged that the group would most likely only see a small amount of numbers taking interest but soon this was to be proven wrong and it became apparent there was a real need to allow stories old and new to bring alive the past and the present of the small village of Kinver in South Staffordshire as well as help to build back a true community atmosphere amongst those residing.

From the very start it was intended to create an online community where people could be free to discuss their stories and reminisce on past times as well as present and to freely use the group as a way to gain friends, old & new.

With popularity growing it became inevitable that a website should be developed retain some of those stories & pictures submitted by group members and placed for all to see in one central website allowing for an invaluable source for reference or simply reminiscing on life in Kinver.

During the 3 yrs years leading up to the creation of the official website the administration team would increase by 3 to help administer the main social group who were carefully chosen for the knowledge of Kinver and surrounding areas as well as there administration skills in managing a large number of group members and the continuous flow of daily stories, posts and comments within the group.

To this end Gavin is eternally grateful to those who have helped to maintain the administration of the group and must express his sincere thanks to:

Susan Johnson

Kelly Black

Andy Calloway




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